Supporting the Mission

In adherence with its mission of providing affordable residential treatment and care, Little Hill Foundation relies on the spirit of generosity and philanthropy to support its daily operations and continued long-term success.

Supporting the Mission can take many forms. It might mean a Donation, Sponsorship or a future Legacy Gift through Planned (Legacy) Giving... either way, Little Hill Foundation relies on the generosity of donations to deliver care to those in need. We thank you for your incredible gifts!

Donations can take form of a one-time gift, monthly gift or annual donation. These generous gifts are incredibly important to operations at Little Hill Foundation.


There are a number of ways to support the mission of the Little Hill Foundation through event sponsorship. From providing financial support for a Student Scholarship to sponsoring a Pizza Night for students that brings a little bit of normalcy into their lives, Little Hill Foundation has options to contribute and support the mission.


Geraldine O. Delaney, founder of the Lodge, said “to live is to love.” No words ring more true when recognizing the legacy of Mrs. Delaney and the efforts of the Alina Lodge staff to promote addiction recovery and the promise of a sober day ahead.

The Alina Lodge Legacy Society is designed to offer benefactors an additional method of generously supporting the programs of the Lodge. Through the Alina Lodge Legacy Society, benefactors have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, promising a future of hope and a lifetime of recovery.

Contact the Little Hill Foundation Philanthropy Director at 1-800-575-6343 to get started!